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iSperm Podcast Series - An Interview with Joseph Pearson Part 1

This article is transcribed and highlighted from a Video Podcast with Joseph Pearson Part 1. The "iSperm" in the Video Podcast is iSperm mCASA. With the iSperm, your fertility clinic service will be easily managed. Check out www.isperm.co or Contact us for the details.

Who is Joseph Pearson, and why must he perform semen evaluation?

Joseph Pearson owns and founded a canine fertility clinic called Texas Select Frenchies. The loving personality and unique appearance of the French Bulldogs, such as the wrinkles and bat ears, have urged him to learn and breed them with the proper ethics and morality. Semen evaluation is required during the breeding program to ensure that the males consistently produce semen that is good enough to be used as future studs, figure out the issues quickly, and provide medication as soon as possible.


What factors help Joseph breed successfully?

Being a breeder made Joseph realize he has a huge responsibility towards the living animals; therefore, providing the best care is essential. During breeding, various issues might happen throughout the year, for instance, when the bitch is getting sick, premature birth, problems with newborn litter, etc. Thus, providing the bitches and studs with antibiotic treatment at the beginning of the cycle. And if there is any issue, Joseph personally uses the iSperm to facilitate his breeding program to alleviate the problem, to determine whether the issue is from the bitch or stud. So, Joseph pays attention to having the right equipment and medication to breed successfully.

When should Joseph perform a semen analysis?

Joseph checks the stud’s sperm as often as he needs to when he has it on hand, for instance, once a week, to ensure that the quality is good. When the sperm’s quality and production are consistent, Joseph will evaluate the semen before artificial insemination or semen packaging and shipping, then Joseph will share the evaluated data with his customers as well.

Regularly, Joseph will analyze the semen either once a week or once a month to check how the diet, nutrition and medication affect the stud’s health and fertility.

Why did Joseph Pearson choose the iSperm?

Without the iSperm, Joseph, a French Bulldog breeder, had to travel for an hour and a half to the vet clinic merely to get the semen analysis done, which was inefficient for him. Joseph was not able to verify when there was a problem when he was shipping the semen, as there was no way for him to evaluate it. Therefore, Joseph has finally decided to buy the iSperm, and by having the iSperm on hand, he can send his customer the analysis result to prove there’s no issue. And now, Joseph can rapidly determine the best stud that can be used for breeding in the future.

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Or directly read the full transcript of the Interview with Joseph Pearson on: https://rb.gy/e67ksj

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