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iSperm Podcast Series - An Interview with Joseph Pearson Part 2

This article is transcribed and highlighted from a Video Podcast with Joseph Pearson Part 2. The "iSperm" in the Video Podcast is iSperm mCASA. With the iSperm, your fertility clinic service will be easily managed. Check out www.isperm.co or Contact us for the details.


How does iSperm boost Joseph’s breeding program?

Joseph had encountered an issue where a stud had a meage sperm count, and iSperm allowed him to track the sperm quality of the stud by doing an analysis before and after providing the proper diet & medication. This way, Joseph can ensure the sperm quality is back on track and solve the problem. Checking the semen sample before performing the artificial insemination and after the female is getting the progesterone test is essential as well to ensure the inseminated semen is of good quality at the correct time of the bitch’s progesterone cycle.

How has iSperm changed Joseph’s semen evaluation procedures?

Joseph used to operate a regular microscope, evaluating the semen by eye, looking at the movement of the semen sample, and seeing the quantity on the slide. With the iSperm, Joseph can get detailed reading and deeply understand what he’s looking at. Even if there's a lot of semen on the slide, it doesn't mean that it's all good quality, and if it's not moving forward in a progressive state, then it's not valuable. So, now having the iSperm, enables Joseph to evaluate the semen sample on a whole new level and changes the way he analyzes the semen.

How did you know about the iSperm?

Social media has introduced the iSperm to Joseph, a French Bulldog Breeder, and he is genuinely interested in grabbing one after watching the iSperm videos since having the right equipment is obligated to figure out the problem when his female bulldogs are not getting pregnant. Joseph thought that iSperm could be easily operated and decided to purchase and love the iSperm features directly after trying it. Working collaboratively on an iPad, Joseph could airdrop the information to customers directly on their phone, a video of the evaluation that can be easily understood and to get a look at it. Moreover, iSperm has made calculating and shipping requirements easier for Joseph.

What features of the iSperm help Joseph the most?

The compact size of the iSperm enables Joseph to perform semen analysis everywhere, for example, during dog shows, on the road during travels, and while visiting a client.

Being a breeder made Joseph realize he has to hold several roles, such as being a marketer, veterinarian, and caretaker for his French Bulldogs. Therefore, iSperm is a powerful tool, enabling Joseph to view the progress of the males by looking at the sperm count record. iSperm brings an enormous practicality to him to have bigger and better litters, as he no longer needs to find some time to drive for hours at least once a week to get his males evaluated. Joseph is allowed to convince his customers that the sperm is of good quality as well by sending proof of the video.

iSperm has assisted Joseph in providing a better service by being able to share results via airdrop to customers, calculate the semen sample for dilution, and the iSperm's compact size.

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For the full transcript of the Interview with Joseph Pearson refer to: https://rb.gy/e 67ksj

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