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iSperm Video Podcast Series - An Interview with Don Griffey

This article is transcripted and highlighted from a Video Podcast with Don Griffey. The "Sperm Analyzer" in the Video Podcast is iSperm mCASA. With the iSperm, your breeding program or service will be enhanced to another level. Check out www.isperm.co or Contact us for the details.


Don Griffey, a passionate equine breeder, is the owner and operator of a reproductive center, Griffey Equine Center Inc., located in Pataskala, Ohio. Together with his wife, Melanie, Don has dedicated over 30 years of their lives to the horse industry. They have established themselves as a leading full-service breeding and world-class show facility, renowned for their expertise in Halter Horses. Over the years, Don has achieved remarkable success in training and showcasing numerous horses, earning victories in prestigious futurity competitions, including Congress Champions and Reserve World Champions.

What prompted Don to use iSperm?

Don's introduction to iSperm came when he took one of his mares to Ohio State University for veterinary work, where he met Dr. Marco de Silva, a respected veterinarian. Dr. Marco de Silva introduced iSperm to Don, which immediately captivated him. Therefore, Don was fascinated by how iSperm allows him to visualize detailed information about semen samples on screen, making semen evaluation so much easier.

When does Don use iSperm?

Don uses iSperm to evaluate every semen sample that comes into his breeding program. By utilizing iSperm, he can closely monitor the quality of samples, ensuring optimal conditions for heat cycles. The tracking system within iSperm enables Don to troubleshoot problems by monitoring the fluctuations in each stallion's semen quality during a specific period of time. Other than that, iSperm provides valuable assistance by calculating favorable extended values for shipping semen samples, eliminating the need for Don to rely on outdated speculation methods.

What does Don like most about iSperm?

One of the standout features of iSperm, according to Don, is its ability to present a comprehensive and visually appealing image of semen samples to its customers. Previously, since microscopic examination required practice and expertise, using a conventional microscope made it challenging for people to understand the information Don was trying to convey. However, with iSperm, Don can now showcase semen conditions on screens, simplifying the visualization process through the use of mobility videos, sperm tracks, and animal list reports.

How has iSperm benefited Don’s business?

Don describes iSperm as a "cheat sheet" to him, recognizing its remarkable ease of use that allows even someone like him, who favors traditional approaches, to utilize it effectively from the very beginning. The convenience iSperm offers has significantly simplified his work processes. Not only that, the data provided by iSperm surpassed Don’s predictions with a traditional microscope, offering increased precision and thoroughness. With iSperm, Don can provide his customers with information that is highly accurate and reliable, thereby further strengthening his credibility within the industry.

This article is brought to you by iSperm mCASA, a mobile/mini computer-assisted semen analyzer with high accuracy and affordability for use anytime anywhere by anyone. Check out www.isperm.co or Contact us to know how helpful iSperm can be for your breeding works.



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