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Semen Analysis Can be Easy, Objective, and Cost-Effective for Repro Vets & Animal Breeders

Semen analysis has always been an essential part of animal reproduction. However, the practices of it vary from farms to farms and vets to vets, depending on the type and scale of the equine breeding operation. Even though CASA and NuclearCounter systems have been available in the market for multiple years, they are impractical for most smaller operations, including breeding farms and private veterinary practices with their extravagant pricing and the repeated costs that consumables are going to levy on the users once adopted.

Therefore, Most of the smaller operations would rather rely on some low-cost alternatives - subjective measurements of motility with a microscope, slide and coverslip, and determinations of concentration with either a spectrophotometer or manual counts with a hemocytometer. These lead to a couple of drawbacks:

  1. The most challenging one: The evaluation totally relies on the maturity of the evaluators. On top of that, the standard often varies from person to person.
  2. Hemocytometer counts are very time consuming. Also, adequate training is required to prevent variable results.
  3. Spectrophotometers (or photometers) wouldn’t be accurate due to the inability to discriminate between spermatozoa and other cells, particles, or debris when these interferences are in the suspension.

For those vets and breeders who have to work on-field, the aforementioned affordable solutions are only tolerable options. None of these are easy to go out with. Worse in this case: these professionals may be busy outside the whole day and realize the semen samples they’ve collected in the fields can’t be evaluated due to improper storage along the way of transportation when they are back to office.

Is there a better way that can accommodate the needs of these small operations that are algorithm-based, portable, and cost-effective?

iSperm mCASA
iSperm mCASA is a mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer

iSperm mCASA, a portable computer for semen analysis, offers objective readings of concentration, total motility, progressive motility, and sperm kinetics. It is algorithm-based so can be adapted to different species that makes it the most right fit for veterinarians working on multiple species.

When working in a team or for a wide range of clients, keeping data for future review and further discussions are definitely a must. With iSperm, the data and videos are not only saved, but also kept in a way that is highly accessible and easy to be demonstrated because the swimming tracks of each sperm movements are visually labeled!

With performances and accuracy comparable to a standard CASA system, iSperm is highly affordable for almost all independent vets/breeders, not to mention vet clinics, animal hospitals, and breeding companies.

You deserve to sweat less to get your job of animal reproduction done. Sign up the form to stay in touch for more details about iSperm.


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